FitsMe is a new website to completely customize your meal plan, and find recipes that fit your specific diet, restrictions and allergies, all the while sharing with you some of your favorite cuisines. It records your food preferences and finds you recipes that you can eat and enjoy. It’s free, you just sign up with your email to make a profile, and get started! FitsMe is all about discovering recipes that fit you. 

The company has stated on their blog:

Our mission is to encourage people to be more conscious of what they eat. We believe that health — especially preventative health — is becoming a huge concern for nearly every demographic and that the food we ingest on a daily basis is the most significant factor.

By making the process of finding recipes and planning out meals as convenient as possible, we hope to be at the forefront of recommended tools for leading a healthier life.

Check out FitsMe, as well as the company’s blog, here!

As always, when it comes to allergies and restrictions, just be sure to double check the ingredients, and you can always alter the recipe to your dietary needs.

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